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AVXHT-1 - Multi -Cutter

SKU SSI_111030
"Multi Cutter Multi function Cutting Tool. The Multi Cutter is packed with power and functionality. It is a single tool that field dresses game, saws through branches when you are clearing out a shooting lane or brushing in a blind and shears bird bones. Multi Cutter allows hunters to change choke tubes or break down shotgun actions wherever and whenever it has to be done. It also has a limb saw, claw point and drop point blades as well as a tree step hole starter. All of this fits in a sheath right on your hip. Includes a non slip grip handle, Universal choke tube wrench fits .410 through 10 gauge shotguns, Stainless steel shears with .5"" cutting notch and lock, Limb and Brush saw, 3"" drop point knife, claw point knife, tree step hole starter, Pin punch, Ballistic nylon sheath."
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