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Marine Metal 110 Air Dual A-2
"Powerful / inexpensive system operates on 110 volt household current. Great for keeping fish indefinitely. Complete system with pump, airline tubing and weighted airstone. Rubber base mount - very quiet. Fresh or salt water. 1 year warranty."

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Marine Metal 5Gal Lid//Aerator Lb-11
Fits most 5 gallon buckets (not included). Cutting board top with tabs for fishing accessories. Bubble Box pump runs 33 hours on 2 alkaline D cell batteries. Big hinged door for easy access. UV treated. Aerator banded to lid.

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Marine Metal Aeration System 12 V Dc W/Bilge Pump & Kit
"An all-in-one Pump Aerator Kit to fill, aerate and empty any livewell. Adjusts to any size insulated cooler, livewell or container. Spray bar mounts with suction cups or stainless steel screws. Suction cups allow pump to be attached inside the live well or to the outer hull for water renewal. Complete package includes: 500 GPH pump with, suction cups, 10' 16 AWG power cord and copper battery clips, 2 aeration spray pipes, mounting clips, 5.5 ft. flexible tubing, fish foam filter, screws and, suction cups for mounting. Great for freshwater or salt water. Suction cups allow pump to be attached inside the live well or to the outer hull for water renewal."

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Marine Metal Aeration System Power Bubbles 12V Dc
"The Marine Metal Power Bubbles Air Pump arms anglers with a high-power, low current aerator pump that's perfect for crowded livewells or keeping your catch alive. Power Bubbles produces over 99.5% saturation of dissolved oxygen to increase the capacity and efficiency of your livewell. Each pump is tank tested to assure quality and designed for both fresh and saltwater use, making it a favorite among bait fishermen. Aerates 1 or 2 live wells up to 35 gallons with twin bellows and double outlets. Weighted airstones provide greater dissolved oxygen. Mounts easily with large adjustable stainless steel clip and screws. Anti-siphon valves protect Power Bubbles pump from water intrusion. Most effective when used with water renewal systems. Package includes 12 volt air pump, with 6' 18 AGW power cord, copper battery clips, 10' airline tubing, 2 large weighted glass bead air stones, 2 anti-siphon valves, T adaptor, adjustable mounting clip and screws."

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Marine Metal Aerator Quiet Bub 1.5V 33 Hrs W/2 'D' Battery
Exceptionally Quiet. Waterproof switch. Runs up to 33 hours on 2 D cell batteries. Deluxe 1.5 volt air pump.

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Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble Box 1.5V
Aerates up to 7-1/2 gallons. Runs up to 33 hours on 2 D cell batteries. Weighted airstone. Water resistant. 1.5 volt air pump. Batteries not included.

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Marine Metal Bubbles Pump B-3
"Marine Metal Products Bubbles air pump has a precision motor that runs 85 hours on 2 alkaline ""D"" cell batteries. Booted waterproof switch. Weighted glass bead airstone with 30"" of air line tubing."

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SKU SSI_10033
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Marine Metal Cool Bubbles 8 Qt Insulated W/B-11 Pump
"Keep your bait fresh and lively in the Marine Metal Cool Bubbles Bucket Combo. This full set includes the Cool Bubbles 8 qt. insulated and aerated bucket with B-11 Bubble Box pump. It provides a constant and stable environment for bait through unchanging water temperature and proper aeration. Hard shell bucket with .562"" inslating foam liner. Special weighted air stones proivde greater dissolved oxygen. New multi-purpose lid has large opening for easy bait net access, cutting surface, and mounting tabs for tools and tackle. Dip net included. Designed for fresh and saltwater use. Each unit is individually tank tested to assure highest quailty. Complete and ready to use system."

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