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Hornady Shackle Box Handgun Safe Steel Black

SKU SSI_4000001
"The Shackle box sets the new standard in security and safety, providing a patent pending method of securing hanguns and other valuables. Do not store loaded firearms in the Shackle box. Designed to exceed the stringent performance requirements outlined by the ASTM International F2456 04 standards for Youth Resistant Firearms Containers, the Shackle box features the patent pending TriPoint locking system, consisting of three half inch wide steel locking lugs that secure the lid at three points of contact unlike current products that use only one. The Shackle Box is constructed of Heavy Duty 16 guage steel, far superior to 20 guage steel used by other products. The Heavy Duty construction of the Shackle box combined with TriPoint locking system delivers a high level of child resistance and unauthorized access protection. Unique to the Shackle box is the patent pending Shackle system itself. Laser cut from one eighth inch thick steel, the Shackle shackle provides a significantly stronger security option than the industry standard easily cut wire cable. The Shackle shackle can be adjusted to fit around objects as large as 3.5 inches in diameter. Adjustments are made simply by pulling up on a spring loaded knob, accessible only from inside the box, that releases the Shackle shackle. Highly moblie, portable and secure, the Shackle box meets TSA security requirements for air travel, check TSA regulations and airline policies, but can also be locked around an immovable oblect, making it ideal for use in the home, business, RV, automobile or anywhere valuables need to be secured. Only store firearms where legal, check local laws."
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