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Preval vFan Airbrush

SKU PRV_0917
  • Professional Airbrush comes with fan air cap
  • Double action, siphon, Internal mix-feed
  • Hairline spray patterns available with standard .66mm air cap and .38mm air cap
  • Sprays almost everything from clear coat, latex, water-borne, solvent based paints and more
  • System allows for portability or can be used with most work shop compressors
  • Comes with  .66mm fan cap that will deliver fan spray patterns and hairline detail unlike any other airless sprayer on the market.
  • Same vFan Airbrush as in the vFan Portable airbrush System.
  • Includes Bi-lingual manual
  • Made in the U.S.A.

It's small, compact and lightweight so spraying small projects or touching up tight spots is pain-free and easy. You can simply take out the vFan Airbrush, attach it to the compressor unit, fit the whole thing in your pocket, and off you go.

The vFan sprays clear coat, latex, water-based, solvent-based paints, coatings, dyes, stains and more. Packaged with a .66mm Fan Aircap, you can also purchase separately a .38mm Standard Aircap, .38mm Needle and a .38mm Tip for extreme detail, precision and fine lines.

Ideal for multiple Industries such as Automotive, Marine, Aerospace, Wood, Personal Care and more. Great for use with our 150 Feet of ENERGY when portability is a must. The right choice for touch-ups, immaculate shading techniques, and tight area's where you can't afford overspray.

The .66mm Standard Aircap and product containers sold seperately. vFan Airbrush is the exact same airbrush unit that comes from our vFan Portable Airbrush System.

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