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Wheeler Fat Wrench 10 Bit Set
"Wheeler's FAT Wrench brings perfect consistency to every screw on your rifle! This amazing handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws, windage screws and base screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field. Comes with the following bits: square drive adapter bit, Leupold/Buehler windage bit, T10 Torx bit, T15 Torx bit, T20 Torx bit, 3/32 inch Allen bit, 5/32 inch Allen bit, #10 deluxe flat blade bit, #11 deluxe flat blade bit and a #32 deluxe flat blade bit."

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Wheeler Gunsmith Kit 89 Piece
"89 piece deluxe gunsmithing screwdriver set. Made from S2 tool steel and hardened to 56-58 Rockwell C. The 54 Hollow-ground flat bits range from .120 x .020 to .360 x .070 inch, and includes doubles in the thinnest sizes. The set also includes a selectio"

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Wheeler Scope Alignment/ Lapping Kit 30 MM
"Scope Ring Alignment and Lapping Kit. Kit includes: Two alignment bars, lapping bar, lapping bar handle, 220 grit lapping compound and complete instructions."

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Pro Stealth Inside the Pant Holster Glock 43-Ruger LC9
"The N87 Pro Stealth is made of premium padded ballistic nylon. The 1 3/4"" sturdy, powder coated black spring clip keeps this beauty securely anchored to your belt. A spare magazine pouch is standard for the auto loader models and they are ambidextrous. The clip may be removed and inserted on opposite side for left hand carry. Fits Glock43, Kahr PM9/40, and Ruger LC9."

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DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig for Glock 43- Black Right Hand
"DeSantis Top Grain Saddle Leather Thumb Break Ankle Holster with Neoprene Band and Sheepskin Lining is DeSantis latest improvement in concealment leather. The #014 die hard ankle rig is built from top grain saddle leather and finished on the outside with a super tough PU coating. This combination of materials was originally designed for Federal Law Enforcement with longevity and performance as primary concerns. The smooth leather lining protects the gun's finish and offers a quick, silky draw. The Die Hard Ankle Rig features a tough top grain leather lined holster with a conventional thumb break that has been attached to a neoprene leg band. The leg band is both padded with foam and lined with sheepskin. A calf strap (C14) and boot extender (C15) are optional. This meticulously molded holster is both handsome and very comfortable. Available in Black."

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Desantis Mini Scabbard Black Right Hand Glock 43
"DeSantis Mini Scabbard Black Right Hand Glock 43 is a unique holster that has been reduced to the barest of essentials, yet offers a secure grip on the handgun thanks to exact molding and adjustable tension device. The Mini Scabbard(R) will accommodate belts up to 1 1/2"" wide. Available in black or tan unlined leather."

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Desantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Glock 43 Black
"DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Glock 43 Black is made with premium saddle leather, double seams and a highly detailed molded fit. This two slot holster tight fitting holster has an exposed muzzle making it a great choice for your favorite pistol. Features an adjustable tension device. The belt slots are 1 3/4 inches wide."

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DeSantis Intruder Glock 43- Right Hand-Black
"DeSantis Intruder Right Hand Glock 43 is designed for both concealment and comfort. It is tuckable and adjustable for both height and cant. The holster back consists of top grain premium steer hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. Each Intruder is molded form genuine Kydex sheet to exact specifications. Available in black. Applications Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 36."

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Desantis Cozy Partner IWB Black Glock 43 Holster
"DeSantis Cozy Partner IWB Black Glock 43 Holster features a tension device and precise molding for handgun retention. A memory band retains the holster's shape for easy one handed reholstering. 1 1/2 inch split belt loop is standard. Black unlined leather. Must be worn with a belt. Belt loops are not adjustable nor available in smaller sizes. Memory band, split belt loop and tension device is available on most models."

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DeSantis Inside Heat Holder for Glock 43 Right Hand - Black
DeSantis Inside Heat Holder for Glock 43 Right Hand - Black is a bare bones minimum IWB holster built from black saddle leather. The precise molded contours provide the weapon retention. The top is reinforced to ease re-holstering and the powder coated spring clip holds it securely to your belt.

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